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Live Bee Relocation / Rescue

Bee Rescue and Relocation Bee rescue and relocation is such a great thing to do, why, it’s too help Preserve the bee population that has taken some heavy blows the past couple of decades. Varroa mites as well as tracheal mites have hit the bees pretty hard in Arizona especially the varroa mite it gets... Read More

Bees at my swimming pool or water fountain

What do I do about bees drinking water at my swimming pool? These are some of the many questions asked about bees drinking water at a swimming pool or water fountain as well as Rock features and ponds Etc. In the summer months bees love to get around swimming pools. Controlling bees drinking water at... Read More

How do I know I’m choosing the right company for bee removal

When it comes to Bee Removal, Safety always comes first When it comes to bee removal there can be lots of precarious situations for not only the bee removal technician removing the bees but for your self and your neighbors as well, little children and pets and senior citizens are at higher risk of getting... Read More

Honeycomb melt down

In the hot summer months a common problem with bee infestations inside of structures is that the honeycomb can meltdown. Bees have to bring in water not only for themselves and the other house bees they use it to keep their beehive cool, by placing tiny droplets of water around the beehive they fan their... Read More

Bees Under the Eaves or inside attic

A very common place to find bees around your home is actually inside an eave or roof. Do not attempt to remove the bees yourself or spray them with pesticides or water. This will only anger the bees and they will beĀ  likely to attack you. Since, there could be as many as 40 to... Read More

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